December 25th, 2013


the modern social

Lookit me being a hypocrite all up in facebook'n shit.

I really hate to use things that I don't endorse, because that is endorsement. Action over word, etc. But so much technology frustrates me, including most of what google does these days, and there is no way around it short of pulling myself out of the digital age entirely. I hate being used by the tools I utilize, but that is the culture that we live in. So much of human society is a blatantly flawed system built with dehumanizing disregard to individual well-being, of which I want no part. Yet too often my attempts to abstain from participating only hurt me. The game is rigged, so I take myself out of the game. But when you're no longer a player, you're simply a pebble on the sidelines. Sometimes it's good to be a pebble. But not always.

So there I am sharing internet discoveries, but not sharing anything intimate. Just staying loosely connected. At least the people I'm staying connected to are not entirely superficial relationships. I worry now that I become more estranged from anyone not on facebook, even though the interactions there are insubstantial, and the corporate invasion is monolithic.