Masterless Lucifer (wynden) wrote,
Masterless Lucifer

front row seat

Just heard an unfamiliar screeching vocalization outside. Decided to investigate, and I found this tiny little white owl sitting on a limb not five feet from my face. Silver white feathers and big yellow eyes. Could have cupped him comfortably in my hands. He stared at me for a bit, then craned his head this way and that at the sounds of the night.

The leaves were rustling even though there was hardly a breeze, and large acorns kept crashing noisily onto the deck. Since the dog refused to go out earlier, I felt a bit trepidatious while observing his vigilance. I felt the presence of larger animals watching me from the dark at my back, but I still stood and watched him for five to ten minutes. Eventually he sidled around on his stubby legs to complete my view of his chibi form. Then a minute later he flew off to a less crowded location.
Tags: animals, owl
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