Masterless Lucifer (wynden) wrote,
Masterless Lucifer

drowning in memes

I've been trying to truncate my Facebook feed to only the people I care about, in an effort to motivate greater self involvement (thus recovering lost connections), and I've suddenly realized why it's not working. Why it won't ever work, unless perhaps the paradigm evolves again.

I have the same problem with Facebook that I have with my sister; I don't really want to see any more memes/quotes/clips/captures or quips. I would enjoy them in moderation, but no matter how much I prune my page it's still almost exclusively inundated in the aforementioned, making it all but impossible to locate any personal insights (of the sort we once enjoyed in abundance, here).

There needs to be a social network where "stuff from around the web" can be tagged as such and filtered into a separate feed from the "stuff on my mind today".
Tags: friends, internets, socializing

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