moon bats

front row seat

Just heard an unfamiliar screeching vocalization outside. Decided to investigate, and I found this tiny little white owl sitting on a limb not five feet from my face. Silver white feathers and big yellow eyes. Could have cupped him comfortably in my hands. He stared at me for a bit, then craned his head this way and that at the sounds of the night.

The leaves were rustling even though there was hardly a breeze, and large acorns kept crashing noisily onto the deck. Since the dog refused to go out earlier, I felt a bit trepidatious while observing his vigilance. I felt the presence of larger animals watching me from the dark at my back, but I still stood and watched him for five to ten minutes. Eventually he sidled around on his stubby legs to complete my view of his chibi form. Then a minute later he flew off to a less crowded location.

majority morality

"If we rely upon the ideas of the majority, the results will be disastrous. Wherever there is found among a people a small band of select spirits, or perhaps one man, working for the establishment of higher and nobler ideals than those commonly accepted by the group, we shall be compelled to hold that...the majority are right, and the reformers are wrong and are preaching what is immoral. We shall have to maintain, for example, that Jesus was preaching immoral doctrines..." - W.T.Stace

describe yourself in two sentences

Mixed-ethnic average "white" male with no distinct ethnic culture, modest reincarnate of Twain's middle right finger and starry left eye, landlocked sailor's soul, champion of the demonized, impersonator of the gods, student of human experience and the biology of beliefs, renowned writer in select realities. Travel size with hazel eyes.
arm in arm

a Minority is a Majority is a Minority

"Many gay teens are trying suicide as a way of escaping. If you want to tell them that life will get better and that you respect them for who they are copy and paste this."

I was an outsider before I knew what I was an outsider for, so I can't peg it on any one thing. I can't say I suffered for being this or that before I'd even identified it myself. Yet I was the most suicidal when I didn't know what I was doing wrong. So.

If you are gay, bi, trans, queer, straight...
If you are peach, chocolate, ebony, ivory, yellow, red, black and blue...
If you are atheist, agnostic, muslim, christian, jewish, pagan, other, nothing...
If you are democratic, republican, independent, socialist, communist, etc, unaffiliated...
If you are too tall, too short, too large, too small, too jock, too nerd, too happy, too sad, too loud, too quiet, too eccentric, too boring, too unique, too utterly average...

For WHATEVER freaking reason you don't fit in -
For whatever has brought you grief where you sought only peace, equality, understanding:

I respect who you are. You're alright. You will get there.

You don't need to change for anyone who doesn't really know you. You need to find the people who /fit/ into the puzzle piece that IS You. And be the best representative of yourself you can be, so that more people fit into the scheme all the time. Suffering becomes strength. Diamonds are forged under pressure. I approve of you. Others will too.
wolf moon

god of dreams

I think there's a mysterious force that tries to keep you in dreamworld by compelling you to believe that something is very important about staying.